• Reiki   霊氣

Mikao Usui
  • Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865-1926)

Chujiro Hayashi
  • Chujiro Hayashi
    林 忠次郎 (1880-1940)

Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
    高田 ハワヨ(1900-1980)

Reiki History

靈氣 (灵气)


While there's a lot of speculation as to the "real" history of Reiki and the Art itself is shrouded in mystery, many people propose it be linked to India. Some go even as far as to claim Reiki as having originated with the planet, and incorporated into the genetic coding as a birthright of all people. What we do know through extended research of many Reiki aficionados, is that Mrs. Takata took many liberties to come up with history she may have thought would be more readily accepted in the West.


Reiki Timeline (Chronology)
620 BCEBirth of Gautama Siddhartha, Sakyamuni Buddha, on the India-Nepal border.
543 BCE Death of Gautama Siddhartha at Kusingara, India.
2nd to 1st Century BCETantra Lotus Sutra written, other healing texts extant.
7 BCEHistorical birth of Jesus.
5 BCEThe "Three Wise Men" come from the East (India) to seek the reincarnation of an Enlightened One. They take Jesus and family to Egypt and India.
27 or 30 CE to 30 or 33 CEJesus returns to Jerusalem for 2-3 years.
30 or 33 CEThe Crucifixion. Evidence that Jesus survived it.
46 or 49 CE Jesus returns to India 16 years after the Crucifixion.
110 CEDeath of Jesus in Srinagar, India. Legends say he lived to 120 years of age, not unusual for his time.
August 15, 1865Miako Usui born in Japan.
1869Mikao Usui believed by some to have been sent to a Tendai Monastery School.
September 15, 1880Chujiro Hayashi born in Tokyo
1918Usui began three year training in Zen.
March 1922Usui received the Reiki power. He went to Mt. Kurama (some suggest Mt. Koya) where he did his twenty one day meditation.
1925Chujiro Hayashi receives the Reiki Master's degree (Reiki III) at age 47.
March 9, 1926Death of Mikao Usui of stroke. He made 16-18 Reiki Masters, sources vary.
1927Usui students erect a memorial to him in Tokyo.
May 10, 1941Death of Chujiro Hayashi. He made 13-16 Reiki Masters including the first women, his wife Chie Hayashi and Hawayo Takata.
December 24, 1900Birth of Hawayo Kawamuru (Takata).
March 10, 1917 Hawayo KawamuruMarries Saichi Takata.
October, 1930Death of Saichi Takata.
1935Takata goes to Japan for healing at Maeda Hospital in Akasaka, then to Hayashi's Reiki clinic, Shina No Machi, Tokyo. She is healed in 4 months
Spring, 1936 Takata receives Reiki 1 from Chujiro Hayashi.
1937Takata receives Reiki 2 from Hayashi then returns to Hawaii. She opens her first healing clinic in Kapaa.
Winter, 1938Takata receives Reiki 3 from Hayashi in Hawaii. On February 22, 1938, Chujiro Hayashi announces Hawayo Takata as Reiki Master and his successor.
December 11, 1980Death of Hawayo Takata. She made 22 Reiki Masters from 1970-1980. Some sources give death date as December 12.

Source: Mostly Diane Stein's "Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to An Ancient Healing Art"